Detail NoPrint color

In (8.0.22319.12305, 2022-11-15), a detail with Print Width set to NoPrint is not visible in the layout as it should be.

Thanks @Lowell1.

– Dale

@Lowell1 I’m having trouble repeating this. Do you have a simple example that shows the bug?

Just to make sure, Lowell - if you enable the PrintDisplay, this would be the expected behavior.

I can’t repeat it either without PrintDisplay on. I may have had it on and not realized it.


Wim - I don’t think this is related but I came across it when I was trying to figure out what I was confused about above,
In the attached file are 2 details, both with PrintWidth set to ByLayer.
If I select one of them and in the propertied panel, set PrintWidth to NoPrint, then either click somewhere in the detail or back to the Detail properties panel or in some select fields in generic Object properties, then back to the detail, the PrintWidth of the detail ends up at Default.
If after setting PrintWidth to NoPrint I change the detail to a different layer or change the check in properties for CastsShadows or some other select fields, the print width changes to NoPrint.
So the overall effect is that it’s hard to change the PrintWidth to NoPrint.
Changing from ByLayer to Defafult also sometimes doesn’t stick, but changing from anything to a number value seems to always work…
(8.0.22333.12305, 2022-11-29)
NoPrint.3dm (53.3 KB)

Thanks @Lowell1 I’m looking at this right now.

Thanks again @Lowell1 I found it and got it patched up. RH-71818

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