MulitiPipe symmetry

Even if input lines are symmetrical, output may be non-symmetrical:
hex grid with 90 degree rotation:

another side:

changing NodeSize will randomly change places where its symmetrical, or not

if rotated for 6 degree: everything seems depending on tilt direction

MultiPipe symmetry hex (26.7 KB)

With mesh box lines:

non symmetrical:

box lines.3dm (2.0 MB)

I find MultiPipe’s Subd topology curves having potential for some interesting algorithmic shapes so a fix for this would be nice.

With mesh cylinder lines:

It would also be great to be able to choose if edges are getting splitted, or not, in such cases

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I mean highlighted edges

Based on this, similar thing could be done to multipipe - it would allow to control topology separately from lines directions from nodes. So that 6 degree rotated hex grid would have symmetrical topology (if the symmetry problem will be fixed)