Split a solid object with just curves

Is there an option for split a solid object with just curves like these:

Curveboolean,split and booleandifference not work for this situation

Try _Wirecut… But you are only limited to one cutting curve at a time.

Otherwise, Extrude (use the Gumball vertical extrusion handle) then BooleanSplit.

Thank you, tried wirecut but fastest way is extrude then BooleanSplit as you said

Well, I have this for a Wirecut macro under an alias “wc”

! _Wirecut _Pause _Pause Direction=CPlaneNormal _DeleteInput=_No _BothSides=_No _KeepAll=_Yes _Enter

Which makes it a two click solution for splitting a single object (you need to be in a view where the CPlane is perpendicular to the cut direction)

Sorry but i can’t do it. I Added your macro to aliases section , what can i do after that? Is this top view correct:

One curve at a time…

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Ahh right, sorry