Multi-version .macrhi

Hi all / @dan
I’ve been developing a plugin that supports Rhino 5 and 6. The code differs slightly so we use a shared project and #ifdefs to build an improved version for 6.

For the convenience of users, on Windows we bundle both of these into a .rhi based on the docs. I’d hoped that I could do a similar thing with Rhino for Mac, but attempting to put multiple .rhp inside the .macrhi seems to break installation (I get a message about an invalid installer file).

The structure I tested was:

MyFile.macrhi (zip)
|----MyFolderV5.rhp (folder)
|     |--MyPluginV5.rhp
|     |--MyDependeny.dll
|----MyFolderV6.rhp (folder)
|     |--MyPluginV6.rhp
|     |--MyDependency.dll

Removing the V5 folder works as expected (installing into V6)

Are multi-installer macrhi a thing? If so are there any docs on how to format them?
The alternative is just that we need to provide users with different installers for different versions.


Unfortunately no, they are not a thing. In fact, I just wrote a reply that might be helpful in explaining what Rhino for Mac attempts to do.

Another alternative, for Rhino 7 onward, would be to distribute using the Package Manager, which does support version- (and platform-) specific packages. Not much help with Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 though, I’m afraid.

Thanks Dan.
Will keep separate installers for now.