Multi-lattice transition

Hi, I have a question about lattice modeling in grasshopper and rhino. Is there any plugin or method to create multi-lattice embedded models with a soft transition? I mean, I try to combine two different lattice geometries with a soft transition. Can you help me, please? I attached pictures related to my intention.

this may help:

@laurent_delrieu has a plugin named Nautilus.

Thanks a lot, but these models combine different meshes in 2D. I want to blend 3D lattices with soft transitions.

I believe also Cristallon / Dendro plugins would be of great help with that

Thanks a lot. I got them, but they cannot combine two lattice structures with each other. Is there any other way? Did you try these add-ons to blend two 3D lattices?

Hex Transition (27.8 KB)


Thanks a lot but your model seems two-dimensional. I want to combine 3D lattices.

It is 3D.