Blending between Mesh and DualMesh

Blending between mesh and dual mesh from an Idea of Entagma


Still working on “Crochet”, now I have a quite solid script to make the blending and also using a script to “blur” lines and a script to pipe multiple line in a single mesh.


Soooo good. I’ve always admired that particular video from entagma and knew it would be possible in gh! Keep it up!

Thanks, Entagma is a great source of inspiration, the Kingfisher came from another dicussion

Here the script to bend and blur lines in Grasshopper.
Provide lines, then enter a coefficient for the main bending, a coefficient for oscillations and number of segment.
here with the 2 coefficients

Second coefficient =0

blur lines (417.9 KB)

I also made snowflakes

also dual mesh (dual scluptures)

And some others