How to generate lattice structure in grasshopper from a geometry rhino already existant!

Hello guys!

I’d like to generate lattice structure from a geometry rhino already existant!

Eg: I extrude my box in Rhino and now I’d like to generate lattice structure, from Grasshopper select the surfaces of my box and give it form and in IntraLattice module I don’t see how to start and what function take,

could you help me please!

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Have you read the documentation?


I read but I did not find what I’m looking for!

I have a geometry rhino axistant and I want give to my geometry structure lattice from Grasshopper.


IntraLattice’s development hasn’t been that active recently. Try out the plugin Crystallon instead. It is also used for creating lattices and has a very in-depth manual and good examples. In the examples Cocoon (another plugin) is used to thicken the lattice wireframes, which is quite slow. I use Dendro or Cytoskeleton instead. The attached file should get you started with a box that is filled with a lattice structure. You will also need the StaticMeshMashine Plugin ( and the update It is not the best tutorial though. I hope you will find your way through. (155.3 KB)