Extrude SuD Normal Direction Problem

Hi All

I have been trying the extrude a group of cylinder faces together along their normals using ExtrudSubD, but it turns out that they seem to taper as they extrude outwards.
I am already using the UWN and Normal option, (please see attached file and the sketch indicating what I need to achieve.)

I would be grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction!

Thank you so much!
Extrude problem.3dm (84.7 KB)


At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be an option for straight extrusions along the face normal. Furthermore, not keeping individual faces of a group of selected faces together, doesn’t seem to be possible either. SubD in Rhino is still somewhat a diamond in the rough.

However, you can do this for each face separately, by first aligning the gumball to the face. The menu pops up if you right-click on the small white circle (here black) near the gumball origin.

Then, you can use the extrusion handle on the z-axis of the gumball to extrude to whatever distance in normal direction of the face in question.

The extruded geometry then can be modified, if you want to make it parallel to the center part.

In your case, you could even get away with modelling only one extrusion and then polar arraying it,.

Hi diff-arch

Thanks for your confirmation, we would need to wait till this issue is fixed and use the Gumball/polar array for now.
Actually there are quite a few features that can be added like switching between selection of Edges to their Vertices, or alike , something I remember from the days of TsPline.

Thank you and reagrds