Gumball losing selection of sub-object after transform

Hello to everyone
When you transform a sub-oject using the gumball, it loses its selection after the transformation, and i have to select it again. For me it’s always been like this in Rh5, and still does in latest release. Does anyone else has the same problem? It is supposed to be like this?

Selection after transform

Nope, don’t have that problem here… Only if I undo the transformation does it deselect. --Mitch

Yes, this is annouing too, it’s mostly when the sub-object is a Surface, not an edge.
This is the file I used as na example, I broke some solids while using sub-object editing and SolidPts, but this happens in simple and wathertight solids too, like the center one.
selection_sub-objects.3dm (1.5 MB)

You have 5 bad objects in there - probably as a result of pushing and pulling solid edit points or sub-object transforms on curved surfaces - but a Gumball sub-object transform stays highlighted here…

Wait a minute - it does stay highlighted in my standard version (with some possibly modified display modes), but not with my default setup… Need to do some more investigating here.

Edit: I do not know WHAT is going on here… On the left a more or less “default” Rhino setup, on the right my custom workspace… Note the difference… I tried all the display mode settings I could find, nothing changes…


Thank you Mitch, THATS EXACTLY whats going on. Thank you for the effort of making the video.
(Yes, I made a mess of bad objects just as an example, but shoudn’t the gumball work the same anyway?)
Did you start Rhino on Safe Mode or something, or just reseted the toolbars?
My version is:

Version 5 SR12 64-bit
(5.12.50810.13095, 08/10/2015)

No, as I teach, I have 3 different “schemes” of Rhino set up - my custom workspace, and a default workspace in both English and French.

Does anyone else has a clue of what is going on?

No good ideas yet- I see the same thing you do.
Hmm- with isocurves turned on for the object, this does not happen.


YES, that so weird :smile: wtf