Moving objects from to a very far place that will damage the models

Hello guys,

Do you know why the model being changed after it has been moved from around (0,0,0) to (500000, 4000000)?

As you can see from the pictures above, all the frame lines are shifted away from the model surface.



it is not recommended to model very far from origin.
What you see is the render mesh used to display your model is having tolerance problems.

You can try _RefreshShade command to fix it for these objects.


Hi Jarek,

Thanks for your reply, I tried the _RefreshShade command, but nothing happened to the model.

For some real project, the coordinates need to be that much some times. Is there any way to solve this issue in Rhino?

In fact, there is another issue while using big coordinate, the models will be cut when zoom in close to it.


Hi, see here for a possible solution:

Thanks very much Graham, I will try it soon.