Moving dimensions

Sometimes when i use “Move”, dimensions start to go crazy, like this:

1 2

It can be avoided by copying the whole thing, but i just wonder why is that? Is it a bug?

SystemS.3dm (147.9 KB)

@mariusz.lukaszczyk - In your file, some of the dimensions are connected to the polycurve shape with history and some are not. The big one that comes out angled after the move is connected by history at one end and not the other.

You can get those conditions by:

  • Moving a dimension after it’s placed,
  • Osnapping to something something that gets deleted or to something you didn’t intend
  • Editing (trimming, etc) the geometry you snapped to with dimensions
  • Probably some other ways

I can’t tell exactly what might have gone into the situation in your file.
Once it’s like that you can only select everything at once to move or remake some dimensions with careful osnapping.