BUG: Dimension in layout jumps when detail is activated and deactivated

Another ridiculous bug. I believe i have reported similar issues before. How can action which has nothing to do with dimension itself destroy it. I am so unhappy that i saw rhino 9 wip. There is massive cleanup needed before anything new can be added…

Rhino 8 SR7 2024-4-22

just double click into detail and doube click to get out and dimensions are screwed:

ridiculous bug dimension jump.3dm (2.0 MB)

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What are those dimensions attached to? Looks like in the top image they go to the circle centers, and in the bottom image something has changed - no points at the centers anymore and looks lie those are start/end points. Plus on one there is a second point…

When I click on the detail - not double click, just click, and look at the detail panel, if I uncheck “Locked”, the dimensions jump already… When you do that is says “History updated 2 objects…” I wonder what that is related to… Something wrong there, but I have no idea what, you have a custom view orientation and are more than a million units from the origin and are snapping to something within a block…

yes. they are snapped to cylinder centers, there is no problem in creating the dimension. problem is that random unrelated action destroy them.

Yes, there is something very odd going on with that particular detail. I can’t reproduce it here in any detail I made myself (yet).

i have come across many issues with working in layout. many of these random jumps can be prevented by locking detail view. but apparently not all of them. dimensions in general in model space as well are subject of random behaviour when something is moved. especially angular dimension.

Well, at least this is a repeatable example, somebody should be able to figure out why this is happening…

Hi @ivan.galik,

Thanks for reporting. I’ve logged the bug.


– Dale

@ivan.galik - can you tell me how you make the dimension? I’m not able to reproduce the “jump” with new dimensions that I create.


– Dale

aligned dimension and snap to center of those two circles which are top view of cylinders

I was able to reproduce it with new dimensions here in layout space… I used aligned dimensions in his current style and snapped to the centers using Cen osnap. I have no idea where in vertical space the centers snapped to actually are.


– Dale