Movie Color Visualisation

Here a script that redo the VEX script form Moritz “VEX IN HOUDINI: MOVIE COLOR VISUALISATION”


    1. I extracted 50 images from a video (here with Free Video to JPG converter)
    1. I used a script from Pieter Segeren to generate the names of all filetpath of my images
      Image series through sampler - Grasshopper
    1. I used a script from Andrew Heumann (converted in C# here) to get colosr on differents images at differents locations (with range from 0 to 1)
      WISH: Image Sampler with File Path as an INPUT - Grasshopper
    1. Then colors from images are converted to HSV, S*V is used for pixel translation and H is used for pixel rotation
    1. Then cloud display
      Et voilà !
      The rotation of cloud display is not mandatory.

If radius of rotation is 0 you will have the image undistorded (except in XY scale)

Some of the images I used

Have fun :slight_smile:


Wow Laurent, you truly are a genius in GH! This is a sweet contribution, and it’s particularly interesting as it bridges another media in GH, i.e. data from movie frames; (I’m glad I learned about Entagma’s work through your kingfisher definition. Their Houdini stuff is intelligent.)

This is awesome!
How would you translate the colors to a surface/ mesh instead of pixels? So you get a shape out of it instead of a cloud?

Simple way could be to change color to a float value (brightness, hue …) and then isosurface the result. It is contour extraction of an image