Data Visualization - a quick primer?

Hi all -

I have been very interested in these informative and interactive ways of communicating data through visualization lately. Obviously, there are many ways and resources to get it started. Take solar analysis for one, we could simply use ecotect or ladybug. Site mapping we could use Elk (I haven’t even had time to explore this plugin). There is also Human UI (again, haven’t had time).

There is also another way, which took my primary interest for now. This blog link hasn’t been updated in a while and the connecting link seems to be dead that leads to the explanation of the manipulation of an “svg”. I have no coding background, in fact, only used grasshopper for maybe half a year. So, does anyone have any experience in how to make these diagrams and care to navigate me through some of these pain points as a non-programmer?

Your question is very generic. Basically you already doing data visualisation in Rhino/Grasshopper. If you want fancy colours and modern styles you basically need to do this in other software manually or you use scripts for automating it. But without any hint about what’s your intention with that, nobody is able to help you out.
If you won’t have time, why should others have that?

just small clarification, SVG is vector image file format (Scalable vector graphics). And code from CO-DE-IT website is actually exporting what you generate in grasshopper to SVG image format. It is not creating this visualization. They gave (now broken) links with explanation of SVG syntax, which you should not care for. So you need to find a way to make this visualisation alone or using some plugins. All the best!

Reviving this very old thread just to say that the link above was moved. Here’s the new home for GH2SVG:

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