Move Revit element in Grasshopper

is it impossible to use the classic GH move component on a Revit element or am i doing something wrong?

The move would be done on the Point > Location, no?

So you’ve got no choice : the location point used when you create the component has to be in the good position immediatly because it can’t be adjusted afterwards?
What if i need the geometry of the component to calculate its good position?

No. The GH transform component move the geometry-extracted-from-revit-element and not the actual Revit element. We need to create a “Set Location” component for Rhino.Inside.Revit

Added an issue for this:

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while you wait for that node to be created you could reference this image to show you how to make a custom c# node to move a line based revit element.
the code could be modified to include a pointed based element

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I can see that it is an old post. Has the “Set Location” been done?

What I need is to change an existing Structural Framing in Revit to a new location using a reference line.

So, the input being the element that need to change (structural framing), and a geometry input (new line). It should then relocate the existing revit element based on it’s location line.

This could also be point input for families that are set by point.


We are working in those components, one that allows you to move-orient the element and another for curve like elements that will allow you to extract and modify the curve.

Both will be available on the next release.


The release is ready!!



I’ve been using the Set/get Element Location component extensively since the release, so first of all thanks for that :slight_smile:
But I realized today that it doesn’t support Structural Foundations if I need to SET the location. I’m getting this error message:

  1. RevitAPI: The input familyInstance is not of a structural framing category.
    Parameter name: familyInstance


I am able to GET the information from the same elements.

Am I doing something wrong here or is it under development?