How to move objects properly using Grasshopper

Hi guys, I’m trying to move this louver that I made in grasshopper and align it along with the 2 red lines drawn.

This red line actually came from an edge command I used in grasshopper then I picked an edge in Revit.

In summary, I want to put this louver that I made in grasshopper into revit properly. I would be glad if you could help me with this one.

Hi, γƒˆγƒ¬γƒ³

How you move will depend on your Revit Element. A simple family can be moved by providing a new point location into the Element Location component. This won’t take into account for rotation, that would require a plane (as well the Family being Work Plane Based)

A wall is best moved by providing a Curve into the Element Curve component, which applies to other elements placed by Curve as well.

Moving a Hosted Element, such as a Window in a Wall you would want to use the Curve from the Host to determine the exact move.

You won’t know the direction of the Wall placement and will need to account for a positive or negative move.


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Thank you for giving me a solution in moving Revit elements. I think this a great way to Revit components using grasshopper and showing how to move revit hosted components.

I do have one more question, would it be possible not to move my Revit components at all, I was planning to use the Revit components as my base file and then add grasshopper created elements into it; to which Grasshopper elements should moved and not the Revit elements.

That being said, going back to the picture I previously posted, I was hoping if the grasshopper louver I made can be aligned with the 2 red lines, without the revit model being touched.

I would be glad if you could help me with this one.

Moving in Gh can be done with the move component. Here is an example of a two point vector moving the object.

Amplitude take direction and amount to move

Orient will move the geometry from one plane to another.

Exactly how you will determine the points/ planes to move from is geometry and workflow dependent. Is the Louver a block? Are you going to a end of the line or just changing XY. If you get stuck please post a file, thanks.

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Thank you for telling me how to move Revit elements using Grasshopper and moving Grasshopper created elements using Grasshopper.