Moving Existing Revit Elements

Hey guys,

Looks like now we have the ability to move Revit elements through API see here (If I didn’t get it wrong). I think this is a very needed functionality and we should have a node for this :slight_smile:

You can already do this changing the Element Location

ElementLocation .

Can i move existing Revit elements using this node?

Looks like i can :sweat_smile:. You are one step ahead of me :rofl:

Hi Kike,

Can I assign this point to the corner edge of the element? thanks.

You can move the plane in relation to the point of your choosing.

Thanks Japhy, kind regards.

Hi Japhy,

What if l want to model the whole model which includes all the structural elements on it and l want to use the edge corner of the slab, will this apply as well? or can l specify the points where l want to be used as a reference point of an element aside from the curve element?

Thanks Japhy.

As long as the elements don’t mind being moved you can do this a few ways. Typically you would link in a model, move to the appropriate place and bind. Another option is to use a model group to move all at once. In grasshopper you can apply the transform to the other objects.

If you wanted to control your orientation from Rhino (or Revit) you can just apply the transform to the locations.

Thanks Japhy, I will have a look, kind regards.

Hi Japhy,

This works well for the x and y axis, what if it includes the z axis as well?


Its a Plane / Plane transformation so if the Revit Element allows it, its location/rotation will be changed x,y,z.

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