Move End of Cylinder bug, time to fix?

Hi guys, this has been on the drawingboard for too long and should not take too long to fix IMO.
Can you please take a look?

Gumball move end of pipe straight down.

uff… what kind of Rhino are you running? never saw that in any Mac version. also is that just a usual pipe? and the corner a fillet?

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Nothing but the latest and the greatest :wink:

That’s right. And it happens most of the times with pipes.
Move face bug.3dm (161.3 KB)

weird, i see that to on your file, how did you create the cylinder? a regular curve and piped it? in that case i would post the input curves either.

Jørgen -

From the developer:

Moving to 8.x as the fix to this means significantly changing the behavior of move sub-objects when deforming an extrusion-like face in a Brep.

I’ve added your sample file to RH-62308.