[BUG 7.4] Gumball drag


I just updated to version 7.4 and noticed that when I click+drag gumball axis and enter the value I want to move the object, it does not move to the defined location but instead moves back to the arrow location. For this to work, I have to click and drag, enter that value I want to move the object and click Enter. This was not the case before 7.4 — pressing Enter was not needed. The video below shows the comparison.

same issue has this been fixed in 7.5?

i have been very dissapointed or let down by rhino recently.

everything i try to do with it feels glitchy and not reliable.

-i want to open small dwg file from land surveyour - unorbitable, unworkable, extremely laggy
-i want to use gumball for extrude - i cant because its glitchy even though it had not been before
-i want to export pdfs from layouts in vector - impossible there is some issue it is always just raster
-i want rhino to save all textures in embedded files folder - impossible it only saves those which are not found locally without option to override or force
-i want to import skp file - layers are impossible to use because geomertry inside groups dont maintain group layer …

These are 5 things i have been dealing with past few days and all are failing big time.
I think testing system of the program should be reviewed because these are unacceptable issues for a mature professional program!

Hello - this bug where typing a constraint failed (in many contexts, not just Gumball) has been fixed. The fix should be in the 7.5 release candidate.

RH-62774 Gumball: Drag copy with numeric input left copy in wrong location