Is this a bug, a (new) setting(s) or something else....?

WIP (6.0.17304.10081, 31-10-2017)
When selected multiple edges and try to move to a new length with gumball, something strange happens.
I ad 3 pictures.
first one shows the selected edges
second one shows after gumball movement (+/-1mm in Z direction with yellow arrow)
third one shows after zoomextends

Sorry for my bad english

That doesn’t look right - can you post the file perhaps (or send it to McNeel directly)?
I’m not sure this should be under the Mesh WIP category though, looks like these are not meshes you’re editing…


You can send to McNeel with

My guess is that you have cylinders part of booleaned objects. That generally doesn’t work well when trying to move edges of such cylinders or tubes. You’ll have to untrim them, then reapply to boolean operations.

Edit: looks similar to Move Face error: moved faces 'jump' to origin

`You’re Right, it should not be under Mesh. How can I change that?

Up at the top, by the thread title, there will be a little pencil “edit” icon. Click that and you can edit the title and category.


Yep, You are also right, part of a cylinder is booleaned.

It should though (especially along the axes), otherwise solid editing is pretty useless. This should be buggified it it hasn’t been already. --Mitch

I think it is, but can’t quickly find on my phone.

That’s what happens when people confuse their phones with their computers… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BTW, the following works fine for moving cylinder faces axially in both V5 and WIP…
BoolCyl.3dm (128.7 KB)


There are actually several YT items about similar cases, AFAICS all involve capped cylinders.