Move and rotate object along the path

I want to make kinetic facade with a movement like this:

But I got stuck on making the object move and rotate at the same time, can someone help me? (17.3 KB)


Here is solution using some trigonometry.
I use Orient to map the base object (here, a diamond) to each of the corners, you could replace it by something else. (12.0 KB)


OMG!!! Thank You so much!!

anyway can you tell me what’s the function of cull index? i still cant get it, thank you

Cull = Remove.
It removes specified items from a list.

When you explode a closed polyline in GH, the first point appears twice since it’s also the last point. So I remove the last item of the list to only get 4 corners.

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Ahh I see, ok thank you so much!

Hello! Can i duplicate its object and make it parametric?


Assuming you want to repeat the pattern, have a look at the Rectangular Array component ?

I would assume @Naira_Haniffadila wants multiple parameters to derive multiple different results? Like this? Very nice. :+1: (20.0 KB)

NOTE: Please keep the ‘Solution’ where it is. Don’t mark this post because it’s @magicteddy’s code.

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Thank you for helping! but what I mean is how to multiply its facade that stick one another, the parametric is on to change how many “facade” that stick one another

1 month later

No hurry about the reply then, I guess.

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im so sorry i was still confused back then :pray:

This might not behave the way you and @magicteddy have in mind? Changing the angle changes the grid size. (14.6 KB)


ohh okay I get the idea here, thank you so muchh, you’re so helpful!! hope you have a nice day!