Arraying group of objects around a curve from base point

i have an object which i am trying to array to a curve. I am having trouble controlling its rotation and exact point of array. I can do it manually with rhino but would like to automate it with grasshopper. Any ideas?

Object and curve to array:

Result i am trying to achieve:

Array (33.9 KB)

I would do something like this using PFrames along the Curve, rotating those frames by a Range of angles, then Orient the petal on those planes

note, it will take a lot of time to compute because your petal is super heavy :slight_smile:

Array (41.2 KB)

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Array (31.4 KB)

P.S. Minor refinements:

  • Added slider to PFrames ā€˜Nā€™ input.
  • Added Shift List to remove the first petal that was below the ground plane.

Array (32.3 KB)


Ah great, thanks:)

Thank you!