Problem creating moving facade

hey, im new to grasshopper, and I was trying to recreate the first thing I did on the first image to build a moving facade, but after connecting the expression to evaluate the distance between the original points and the points on the curve, the component turns red, can somebody help me out?:frowning: im not quite sure about what is wrong in the expression

Can you share your definition file?

Sure! Here it is5-1 (27.0 KB)

I think you just needed to clean your data. Does that help?

Yeah thank you so much!! I just did it on my definition but I still cant get it to do the same I did on this definition, but i cant figure out what am I doing wrong Curve (15.9 KB)

You can use sift pattern instead of replace items , and where is the problem?

Curve (15.2 KB)

Yeah, thanks! but I can’t get it to work on the first definition I uploaded the one called 5-1 vm, it just stays in the same position:(

First you need to add clean tree after divide curve, than change expression x>6 because all distances are <6 ; than move points to X direction (it is Z by default)

5-1 (24.3 KB)

Alright thanks I just did!, but the points that are included on the expression x<6 dont move in X, instead all the points from the divided curve move, but I just want the ones that are included in the expression, so I can replace the ones in the original list with the ones that moved and create a nurbs curve around them, just like in the file that I uploaded called Curve a, sorry im still learning basics here:(

You can’t move them , expression give you false for all of them and dispatch don’t make any change in this case
You need to fix your script

You want like this?

Yeahh exactly!! thank you so much