MousePickboxRadius in rhino 6 Mac?


I would like to minimise the radius of the cursor for selecting objects – I found some entries on how to adjust the MousePickboxRadius from 15 to what ever pixels – but can’t find it anywhere in my Mac version, neither under preferences - modelling aids nor under preferences - mouse.

Does it exist at all and if, where??

Thanks in advance, best regards - Jan

Rhinoceros pull-down menu > Preferences > Modeling Aids
The default Snap radius is 15 pixels

Hello John,

thank you for your reply, but I found that before and it doesn’t solve the problem – whether I set it at 1 or 15 or 100 pixels, the line (for instance) is alway selected if I klick at a distance of I assume 5 to 7 pixels.


Could it be somewhere else or is it perhaps that the Mac version doesn’t have it?

Best - Jan

I suspect because it’s a Mac, any change will not take effect until your Quit (Cmd+Q) Rhino and restart.
These preferences are read when Rhino is started.

In Preferences > Advanced > “MousePickBoxRadius”
Is another control.
Mine is set to 7

That’s not a setting I’ve messed with before so there might be unintended consequences.

Great, thank you so much! That was it, preferences - advanced. I find 2 works well, and so far nothing has happened :slight_smile:
Have a good new year 2020!