Control point selection tolerance on Retina


Is there is way to adjust the hitbox for controlpoints (or any object in general)? When working on a Retina screen you have to hover over a control point pretty accurately to be able to select it.

Not meaning the drag threshold.


I think Preferences>Modeling Aids> Snap Radius might be what you want… At least in Windows Rhino, don’t remember if that setting is there yet on Mac. The default is 15 pixels on windows at least. --Mitch

This setting is there on Rhino Mac, but only works for snapping not selecting.

OK, there is an item in RhinoCommon called


which appears to be what you want. Below is a small python script to reset your mouse pickbox to a different size. Tested only on Windows (no Mac here with me today). USE AT YOUR OWN RISK…

Note: default selection pick radius in Windows Rhino is 7 pixels.

–Mitch (643 Bytes)


Haven’t worked yet with RhinoCommon, will try to figure out how it works. Thanks for looking this up.

Is there also a way to adjust this directly in the application settings file?

You don’t need to know anything to actually run the script. You can just save it somewhere like the desktop, then type RunPythonScript and browse to the file on the desktop and run it. It will tell you what the current pick radius is, and ask you to enter a new one. If the entry is successful, it will confirm it with a message box.

I don’t know where this info is actually stored, I don’t think the user has any direct access, in Windows it might be in the registry (but I can’t find it right now), on Mac, no idea…


Works, thanks. Default setting also was 7 pixels. Not sure where it’s saved, didn’t see it in com.mcneel.rhinoceros.plist

This is not something you should need to adjust. This is a bug and will be fixed in the next WIP release and in 5.1.

Some people, including myself, use retina and non-retina displays simultaneously, so changing MousePickboxRadius for the entire application will not be the right thing to do for one or the other displays.

There are lots of places where Mac Rhino pays attention to the display resolution when performing an operation. I missed this one and have fixed it. MR-2273