Cursor Area Setting Problem

I want to know how I can set the cursor Area.
Someday my computer have a problem that when I click yard(grid), the things(Curves, Solid, and so on) clicked.
It cause the problem, when I want to choice correct solid. It conflict other curves or solid that is not in cursor area…
Help me Please… :cold_sweat:

Hi Eric - in Rhino 6, there is an advanced setting that you can change:
Rhino.Options.ModelAid.MousePickBoxRadius - the default is 8, which is pretty small already.

Hi Wim Dekeyser.
Thank you for your respond.
But I can’t solve this problem…
I couldn’t find MousePickBoxRadius…
I uploaded my option window, so please check my option.
Save me…

Hi Eric - you’ll need to look in the ‘Advanced’ options - type in PickBox for the filter and you’ll see it