4 viewports working in perspective and views keep changing

Hi I’m just working on the Rhinoceros®
modeling tools for designers
Training Manual
Level 1 and am at the castle build.
My problem is when working in perspective view the viewports keep swapping between views for example the perspective view will jump to top view etc and it creates a jerky motion. I’m using gumball with grid snap on.
Windows 10 operating system in an HP 2016 laptop working through an external monitor.
It was working perfectly up until I started working on the castle build.
I’ve used inventor extensively in the past but not for about 9 years so am just getting back into it so starting from day one of training in Rhino6 before buying. I’m using the trial version so didn’t think deleting and re downloading was a good idea.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Any clues as I can’t use it how it is as it has become unstable.
Craig Johnston
New Zealand

Hi Craig, I had this issue for a while until I realised what I was doing was using the mouse scroll wheel while over the viewport tabs. It’ll cycle through them, causing the view to jump from perspective to top, front, etc. Trained myself out of it once I figured that one out!



Thank you I’ll give that a try as it didn’t do it when I first started but certainly makes sense now you mention it as I do use the wheel in other programs so out of habit it is plausible I am doing exactly what you explained.