Mouse stuttering with MMB-down and Rendered or GroundPlane panels visible

Hi All (+ @andy, @stevebaer?)

I ran into a problem with my view navigation plugin.

It uses MMB-press (and mouse up/down) to change flight altitude. All works well and smooth (overriding Rhino’s MMB via lowlevelmousehook) in most cases, but as soon as Render or GroundPlane panels are visible, the movement stutters a lot. Note that no other mouse or key movements are affected, only when MMB is down. Is there anything in these two panels that may affect this behavior?



It’s probably easiest if we can just reproduce the issue on our computers. I can download the plug-in and try. Can you give some basic steps that I need to perform to try and reproduce the stuttering?

Hi Steve, yes, sounds like a good idea.
I will prepare info and instructions and send them to you via PM.