Mouse navigation issue


This is my first post to the Rhino for Mac forum, so hopefully I sufficiently explain the issue.

I’m using an iMac w/ wireless magic mouse on OS X 10.9.2

With the most recent download of Rhino for Mac 5.0 2014-04-21 (510) I am no longer able to use my mouse to rotate my drawings within a frame. I can zoom in and out by scrolling, but am only able to select on a 2-D plane with a rectangle marquee. So, I’m not able to change my view of a drawing or to click+ drag to reposition the drawing. It’s very limiting.

Is there a setting I just need to adjust? Or, do I need a different mouse, one with 3 button functionality to be able to fully access Rhino’s mouse functionality?

Any suggestions welcome!

Thank you, -Nova

It seems you are saying that no Rhino right click actions are working. Nothing has changed in Rhino that concerns the mouse buttons in a long while.

In OS X System Preferences > Mouse > Point and Click, make sure you have the Secondary click check box checked.

Hi Marlin,

Thank you!!! That fixed it. I knew it had to be something simple and I
thought it was probably on the Mac side, but their tech’s didn’t know what
to tell me to do.

Thanks for cutting right to the quick!