CANT ROTATE: right mouse + perspective viewport

Just got back to Rhino after apple wiped this computer and a few functions seem different. I can no longer rotate in the perspective view using the right click of the mouse. Do I need to change a setting? Your advice is greatly appreciated.

So apparently when Apple wipes a computer clean, it forces you to go into setting preferences and reconfirm that you want to have access to the right mouse key. All it took was going into ‘mouse’ and checking a box.

just curious and wondering, how did you end up getting your harddrive wiped? not that this cant happen somehow but that sure is not a regular case and i never heard of nor experienced it…

Good question. Bought a new iMac last summer and it has had lots of issues. As a last resort, the Genius Bar at apple wiped the computer. Pretty sure it was unusual because it took them almost 2 mos of back and forth to get the computer working right.

ah now i understand, you went to apple service :smiley: sorry i thought you are talking about the system which self deleted or something in this direction.