Most Used Commands By File

Is there anyway I can open a Rhino file and get a list of commands that were used/how often? I see PopUpPopular, but it is global and from what I can tell it has a rather short memory.

Hi Eric- no there is not.


Hi there,

Made a small plugin for you.
There are 2 commands.
RemindDelete = Remove all commands in memory
RemindCommand = Show a form where you can see which commands were used and how many times

The plugin will put information in the file you are using! So next time when you open it you can still see which commands were used.

1 thing to keep in mind!
This plugin will startup on loading Rhino.
This plugin will be activated every time before you use a command so it may slow down your Rhino! If you dont want to use this anymore just delete the plugin from where you extracted it from. By being activated I mean. Even when you save or anything!

Extract rar. Drag and drop
RemindCommand.rar (7.2 KB)