IDEA: Stats on which commands you use the most

I would love to know which top 20 commands I use the most in rhino. Ideally in statistical order. The purpose of this is to know which commands I should program as shortcuts. I have one of those mice with the 12 buttons on the side, and although I use all the buttons and have commands programmed to them, I often wonder if there are commands I use more frequently that should be programmed in place of less frequently used commands.

A generated report might present like this:

Aug 2, 2018 command usage statistics:
1: line (18%)
2: delete (15%)
3: move (10%)
4: points on (8%)
5: isolate (7%)
**6: group **
7: ungroup
8: project

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Hello - it is not broken down like you want it but if you run PopUpPopular from time to time you’ll see a hierarchical list of the recently most-used commands.



Thanks man

Then, there’s also Dale’s CommandTracker plug-in.
You just need to remember to check the log before you exit Rhino.

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Thanks wim.

It would be nice to make a floating toolbar from the PopUpPopular, and as your working through the day it changes and updates as you use different commands at different stages of modelling :wink:

Hello - you can sort of do that with the MRU toolbar - enable that in Options > Toolbars > Sizes and styles > lAst used buttons visible. This is MRU not Popular, not quite the same. (My guess is is could be made to use Popular and not MRU without too much work…)