List and Statistics Most Used Commands

Dear Rhino3D Team,

I would like to have the statistics of the first 100 most frequently used commands in Rhino in order to optimize my custom command bar in a more rational way.

The aim is to lighten the user interface as much as possible and speed up the workflow by reducing the cognitive load.

thank you for your awesome software!!!

My guess is each Rhino user’s top 100 list would be different.

Perhaps some clever person with mad scripting skils could rig up a counter that could be run in the background to save the statistics off to a file or maybe even a spreadsheet.

CORRECT! my mistake! I don’t want to know what other users do but only what I do! I didn’t specify that the statistics must absolutely be local and personal so that each user can distinguish absolutely useful functions from sporadic ones.

I think that after two or three months of work the statistics are precise enough to allow for a lightening and fine tuning of one’s interface. it would be great if MCNeel introduced a dynamic toolbar based on this statistic that would update in real time. then the user could use this toolbar to obtain the strictly necessary commands for his own custom toolbar.

Thank you!

Hi Massimiliano -

There’s the CommandTracker plug-in that you can install through the Package Manager. This will save command statistics in the 3dm file and you’d have to harvest those statistics from several completed projects to find your personal list of most often used commands.

Thank You Very Much Wim, I’ve known this software since Rhino 1.0 (and maybe also since the beta) and I realize that there’s always something new to learn!

My interface is highly customized and makes a lot of use of the popup-toolbar but I want to optimize the commands as much as possible and for this reason I urge McNeel to improve command tracking by creating a specific dynamic toolbar in order to copy paste the most used functions.

I have unfortunately noticed that from version 5, to 6, and now to 7 the speed of appearance and response of the toolbars is a little slower and this sometimes puts my workflow in crisis which is extremely fast and for which every delay or uncertainty leads to an error, so the fewer commands I have to display, the faster the toolbar will appear and also my work.

Hi Wim,
unfortunately in the list of available online packages the “command tracker” is no longer present.

Hi Massimiliano -

I didn’t write “command tracker”; I wrote “CommandTracker”.



Yes Yes i know, but nothing in my Rhino 7 sr12 Commercial.

Well… yes… SR 12 was released on 2021-11-09 and the CommandTracker plug-in for Rhino 7 on 2022-06-15.

You’ll have to persuade someone to update Rhino for you or, possibly, compile it yourself - GitHub - dalefugier/CommandTracker: CommandTracker is a simple utility plug-in that tracks the command you run.

Thank you Wim,
yes, I have to persuade someone because our company PCs are absolutely armored and it is not possible in any way to customize or introduce software that has not been carefully tested by the ICT team that deals with security and licenses.
Updates are also subject to this type of restriction. And no compiler on board, of course :pensive: