The most common tools used

Hello, I have a question: Is it possible to extract the data from rhino of tools that i use the most?

I have connected an xbox 360 controller to my pc using JoyToKey - and would like to figure out the most appropriate commands to configure to the buttons of the controller.


I sort of recall that maybe Rhino counts the commands used, but I don’t think there’s any U/I to report that.

My guess is a script could be written that might report that data, but that’s not something I can do.

Perhaps change your message from Rhino for Windows to the Scripting category to see if anybody knows.

Hi Sam,
Check Help file for PopupPopular

Very quick and simple solution to search the “PopupPopular” in the command line. - this gives you a dropdown with the 15 most commonly used commands.

and John I think thats the best approach for extracting more information about it.

Thanks very much guys! :+1:

Hi Samuel - you can use the CommandTracker plug-in to log your usage of Rhino:


That is a cool thing!

out of curiosity - what other perpose would someone have for tracking the commands that they used?

Finding out which commands should have shorter custom aliases or buttons on custom toolbars, perhaps?

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