More things in the cloud

The license is in the cloud and that’s great! That means I can just log in and start working anywhere!
But when I switch from one computer to another I still need my aliases, keyboard macros, python scripts and gh definitions.

So far I’ve been using Dropbox for python scripts quite successfully.
I can use them and work on them from home or office and call them from aliases with
-RunPythonScript (userpath\Dropbox\PythonPlugins\

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Wish list request added as:


I would also add Toolbar Positions to this list. So once I switch to another computer and login I’ll have my custom UI.

Toolbars should likely be included in that feature request, but can be problematic if your different Desktops cover a different amount of pixels.
It’s the same problem locally when you have “Locked” your toolbars, then change screen resolution or unplug a monitor.
Then Rhino has to juggle them.

yes, I see the problem… not so easy to juggle them nicely for different resolutions.