Wish: plugins updater from within Rhino

The App Store has spoiled me. I don’t want to be hunting for installers, like an animal. No more.

… since I’m asking for more and more:

I also want my Rhino preferences/workspace synced between my machines. Because of The Cloud and stuff.



Yep, those are two pretty big ones for V6 on my personal radar. Both haven’t been completely implemented yet, but we are getting closer.

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shit, I need to think of harder stuff! I keep throwing you soft balls and you keep winning.

I’m going out to the bar, I’ll come back later tonight if I can thing of something harder, that makes you feel small and weak :smile:



I keep my Toolbar files (RUI) in my dropbox and open them from there, then all my computers stay synced. Caveat is if you leave an open copy of Rhino running on one machine and open another on a different machine it will create conflicted copies of the toolbars, I just delete the conflicted copies, but sometimes I lose changes this way and have to make them again. Similar to the problem of having multiple instances running and making changes to toolbars in one instance but closing it before closing all the other instances.
You can also put your template files in dropbox and set Rhino to look there for them.