Backup Up Settings, Screen, and Toolbar changes One Click

I use my floating rhino between several computers depending on where I am that day. I make improvements to my settings, toolbars, & workflow macro buttons quite a bit. It’s been a pain trying to keep them in sync with any changes I do to toolbars, buttons, macros, etc so I created pythonscript using chatgpt to help me do it with on click.

I now have a macro button that calls python to execute an options export, and then copy my xml files to a “today” dated folder in a specific location. I’ll be glad to share the files. I just don’t know where or how if anyone is interested. It works pretty sweet now.

My question is, with my knowledge of rhino, I don’t know a way to force the xml toolbar updates while rhino is running so that any toolbar changes and button changes done during my current session are saved to disk before I execute the backup. Is there a way to force it without restarting rhino?


Would be nice with a cloud solution to this.