More questions on Rhino V5 - 2

Alright…I have my two parts created. They are in different files. I need to combine them into ONE FILE. So I opened the first file, selected the object, and clicked COPY. Then I closed that file. Then I opened the second file, and hit PASTE, just like I would do in Illustrator. NOTHING got pasted…only the arrows…this was object that I created by using the REVOLVE COMMAND. WHAT is going on here?..this is a very simple operation, and even this doesn’t work…


Use Ctrl+V or CopyToClipboard to copy between files. Copy command copies objects from one place to another within the same Rhino file. The two things are quite different.

Again, have a look at the user guide… --Mitch

Thanks… I warm-booted the machine, and now copy is working. I had MS Word also running, and I think that was interfering with it some how. One thing that is really annoying is that there are no rulers in this program. In Illustrator, you can set up rulers on the side of your work space, so you know where you are. I have a 3-D piece that I downloaded from the web. I have no idea how large it is, or how to measure it.

Use Length, Distance or set dimensions (multiple commands to choose from for this).

You aren’t doing yourself a favour by holding on to your favorite features of another program. There are ways to do anything you need to, but they’re probably not going to be the same. For example, instead of rulers, you have a grid that you can display. You can set the grid increments to anything you want. This can give you an idea of your part size. Or as was suggested above, use the Length command, or Distance, etc.


Also, do not assume that since you are familiar with Illustrator that you can jump into Rhino and it will work just like Illustrator. You will need to spend some time learning Rhino. A good place to start is with the videos and Users’ Manual available at

Doubt that… However, in your other post you mentioned that Esc is not working… Do you have an old version of Photoshop (maybe Illustrator too, I don’t know) like CS3? There was a bug in PS CS3 that it prevented the Esc key from working in all other programs (including but not limited to Rhino…). Fixed in CS4 and later.


Keep in mind that you can open multiple instances of Rhino and have your files open at the same time.


That’s just what I was going to say. Super simple, works every time.

But, be careful! Having multiple Rhinos running can lead to a dangerous stampede.

Or a crash (of Rhinos)… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I did not know that. Yes! This board is teaching me so many things.

Yeah, we generally try to suppress that particular bit of trivia… :slight_smile:


Here’s a screen capture of my monitor when I have two Rhinos running.

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I’ve been working in Rhino for years, from v.4. Copying: choose elements, “ExportSelected” as “fragment.3dm”, open or switch to another file, than “Import” “fragment 3dm”. Mind coherence of CPlanes in both files.
Someone would say that it is a lame method, when we have Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V.
But it works regardless of “fragment” size, lets you check if the “fragment” is exactly what you want, or modify it. And it NEVER fails (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V does, occasionally).
I have never encounter any issues with multiple instances of Rhino running. The weakest link is human memory to keep track which file is which.