Merge 2 objects

I have finally made something somewhat useful, I like the ability to modify organic surfaces to fit what I need. I drew 2 parts and imported 2 parts and just l

Now I am working on a different file I am having trouble drawing the initial part in a nerbs or subd to modify the way I need. so if I draw this part in sections, then I want to join or merge or boolean, don’t know which one to do this. this pic was an obj file converted to subd and it takes too much work to modify and get the correct results.

Have you tried the Join command? If so and it does not work what does the command line say?

If you post a .3dm file with the geometry which is causing the problem you may get a more focused reply.

I don’t remember other than, I try things and they don’t work and I try something else. I will try Join and see if that works. I have to draw some things to try. the purple part in the pic I will try to draw that in pieces. when I join these parts , then I will want to smooth or fillet the edges where the 2 parts meet. that Is my goal.

Hi Kevin - that sounds to me like a tough and frustrating way to work in a complcated application like Rhino - I’d stap back and look at some of the basics here: