More bad objects (spurious reporting)

After an import I get this:

5 bad objects were created while reading "\\<longfilepath>\SDOL_TERRAIN_BATIS_CARRE_93.3dm" File "\\<longfilepath>\SDOL_TERRAIN_BATIS_CARRE_93.3dm" successfully read Command: _SelBadObjects No objects added to selection. No bad objects selected.

What I don’t know is if the report is wrong, or 5 bad objects were created and then deleted automatically by Rhino or something…


Hi Mitch,

Can you send the file to To my attention pls.


File sent…

I am getting many similar reports on a file. Says 20 bad objects were created but then none are selectable. Unfortunately I cannot send the file for confidentiality reasons at the moment.

Is this a Rhino file that you have made yourself?
Can you save as another file, delete all not-bad objects and just post the bad ones?

I can confirm that this still happens to me fairly often as well. I’ll try to keep the file next time I get one. --Mitch

As mentioned, unfortunately the objects are not selectable so it is impossible to isolate them.

For me this happens on import. I get the report on the command line, but if I SelBadObjects after, nothing selects. Either the “bad objects” have been “fixed” automagically somehow, or the reports are spurious - I don’t think anything disappears or gets deleted.


That’s why I was suggesting to save the file under another name and to delete all objects that can be selected. In theory, only the bad items will remain.

Is this with import of 3dm files?
And if you then save the file that you are importing into, close, and reopen, I take it there is no mention of bad objects?

deleting all the objects in a file deletes the non-selectable bad objects too. There appears to be no way to isolate them to find out which objects are bad.

Yes, but can also happen with dxf’s originating from AutoCAD, IIRC. The original post concerned a .3dm however.