"1 bad objects were created while reading" error on OSX but not Win

I just opened the file http://file.lasersaur.com/model/model-lasersaur-v14.03.3dm on my Mac with 5.3.2 and got this error:

1 bad objects were created while reading “/Users/jet/Desktop/tmp/model-lasersaur-v14.03.3dm”

On Win10, 5.14.522.8390, I get no error.

I’m not sure if it’s a problem in the file or in the App, but I can’t find any errors on the mac with a quick visual inspection of the model.

The file is ~10Mb compressed, the SHA1 value of the raw file so we know we’re looking at the same version:
$ shasum model-lasersaur-v14.03.3dm
ab2dbed53aee5a270754df703b3aa2110c6ddb11 model-lasersaur-v14.03.3dm

Hi jet - no errors on the downloaded file here. Does SelBadObjects ring anything up once the file is open?


Downloaded again, got the same error. SelBadObjects doesn’t find anything.

Is there a way to turn on debugging/logging?

I also periodically get bad object warnings flags (on Win) that then don’t show up with SelBadObjects afterwards… Gotten used to it, I guess.

I do have a 100% reproducible one, every time I trim a terrain mesh with the RhinoTerrain “clip mesh inside closed curve” function, as soon as it’s done Rhino says a bad object was created, but SelBadObjects doesn’t select anything and using Check on the mesh says it’s valid…


Well, I DL’d that file – took about ten minutes – SelBadObjects returns nothing.: