Moon pendant modelling with Rhino

Hi there,

I am 3D modelling a moon pendant with Rhino 6 for Windows and I wanted to apply a more natural shape to the craters to make them look more realistic.

I am not sure how and if this is something possible to achieve with Rhino.
I can’t just apply a texture because the pendant will be 3d printed.

Any hint on this is really appreciated!


Luna_25mm_1707_final.3dm (3.0 MB)

you could try with displacement.

…and use displacement maps from here:



thanks a lot, I will!

I will look it up, thanks Clement!

wow! if only i would have know this before!

Do you think that those craters will be shown when printed? Ideally I would like to recreate a visible depth in my pendant. thanks a lot Mahdiyar!

heightfield like displacement will create real geometry. with displacement you will have to extract the rendermesh to gain real geometry if i am not mistaken, but heightfield already is the 3d shape. so yes that will 3d print then.