Shaping a mesh around an object


I’m trying to figure out how to approach something.

I want to make something similar like this in the picture.


I can create the cup but how would a make the relief on it?
I hope this is clear for the readers?

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this looks like a texture mapping issue. make a material with this pattern as a displacement map. render it and adjust to make it look like you want it to-

then run extractrendermesh which makes this object a “real” mesh (not just a render mesh)

the real object you can now send to a printer.

You can also create a curve for the profile then use revolve, leave it open. then use smash. draw some curves on the resulting surface and pipe them with round caps and use FlowAlongSrf. You can also flow the curves up and then pipe them, my example is probably a bit ugly :smiley: hope you get the picture.

nice tip!!

I tried displacement on mac rhino either, at first I could not find it in rhino6 thinking it still has not been implemented, but after searching around for a while I found out that it is actually available, just as an object property only, the command applaydisplacement does still not exist for mac rhino.

Using ExtractRenderMesh on the resulting geometry is actually very cool. So yeah that might work either. Just to get a reasonable outcome one has to bump up the resolution quite a bit. also overhanging structure is not possible like that, one would need a vector displacement for that, so maybe using nurbs and smash etc is still the better option idk. but plenty of room for playing.

If you blur the map, it’ll soften the result-