Modula Facade

I’m trying to replicate a facade like this but with a rectangular module and not a hexagonal one!
Any help would be great!

Can you expound on ‘replicate the facade’ a bit? Just the pattern?

I want to subdivide a surface(facade) with a parametric rectangular grid. Then i want this grid to host 9 different square modules with a different design. (9.7 KB)

Parakeet has a ton of pattern options.

Thank you for you answer!
I actually want the 9 shapes in the left corner that are perforated squares to populate a given surface that can also be perforated with windows.

You will need to make the grid the same size as your squares, then orient your 9 objects to a random selection of your surface normals.

Similar to the color example but with geometry.

Yes I can change the grid now. I also can control the range.

For example I have a range of 9 squares that are randomly spread in a surface how to assign a specific geometry/square to each of the 9 ranges?

Changed grid size and extension. now i want 9 surfaces on the side to be assigned to each square of the range of nine.

move your 9 objects from their center point to 0,0 and orient to the surface normals

What is the component attached to the brep “data with 1 branches”?

Param Viewer, if you right click on it you can see the branching of a grafted list. (17.8 KB)

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It’s quite close but the pattern is not perfect yet!

Modulo4.3dm (2.9 MB)
re_rect_facade (1).gh (13.6 KB)

It looks like you were messing with the colors, the data branches need to match. 9 list against 9 lists.

The geometry needed to be moved to 0,0

With the gumball on i select and use the 2D constraint to start moving and type 0

Move via gumball

I did it! THANK YOU so much!

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