Editing fillets

Hi everyone,

so far I’m really liking the tools inside Rhino, and I know its not a parametric modeler, however one thing that I really liked from a small programs like ViaCad is that you could edit forms and fillets after the modeling was done and then just edit a few details. Is there a way one can edit fillets after they are saved ? Also once a model is done, is there a way to concerve the fillets and just change the basic shape ?



Hi Hans - it is a good idea to add ‘finish’ type fillets to a copy of your object when possible. In V6, most lilely, fillets created by FilletEdge will be editable at least to some extent.


Perhaps Grasshopper would allow you to do what you want. Probably best to get more familiar with Rhino before that [major] step.

Thanks Pascal and Chris,

Good point on the copy of objects first, but I need to dig more into the modeling features first, just really starting and this question came up. Maybe I’m just too used to this kind of editing and I’m afraid not being able to edit a form when it’s done.

Didn’t really read too much into Grasshopper yet, seems quite complex, but i’ll try to read more about it as I learn more about Rhino first.