Parametric modelling

Hey guys,

I´ve been looking at Rhino to add to my modelling apps but I´m not sure yet if it does what I´m looking for.
I´ve used Freecad a few times to model some objects and what I loved about that program was it´s parametric approach to modelling. After making a boolean I was still able to change the position or the scale of the cutting mesh and see the boolean cut update in real time. Length and thickness of primitives could be changed after the fact etc.
Is this also possible with Rhino? I´ve seen some videos with the Record History but it´s possibilities seemed limited. Is it possible to do parametric modelling with Rhino?


short answer : not really
longer answer : grasshopper comes closest to this, but it is different

but also more versatile, and with some plugin you can bring the magic into rhino UI where you can handle it once you have set up your parameters.

not automagically, but also not very complex to set up, a few seconds and you are good to go.
below a simple grasshopper boolean. once set up you can play around as you need.

but close without the need to re-reference:

But that is mostly for things that follow a ‘recipe’ that you can reuse. Depending on the things you design a parametric modeler is better suited for the job.

well… i tried avoiding possible node shock goose bumps… :grinning:

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Ok, it is not what I hoped it would be, but it might be workable.
I work in VFX so setting up node graphs to get procedural behaviour is not alien to me. And since Grasshopper is included now with Rhino, this might be the solution I can afford.
I´ve looked at solid modellers, but their prices go way beyond my wallet :yum:

Thanks for the help guys! I will continue to test Rhino with this new knowledge.

There are quiet a few affordable parametric CADs. Off course they are not comparable to programs like solidworks or creo, but for more simple 3d-models they are more than good enough.
I personally use Viacad Pro, but there are a lot of other cheap CADs like Fusion 360, Turbocad, FormZ, etc.