Modest laptop graphics user

it looks like all the laptop threads are pretty old, so i’ll start a new one.

i’m looking to replace my home laptop and i’m not seeing much in the way of options on graphics card. i just use rhino for drawing and rhinocam for cnc programming. no rendering, so pretty simple needs. looking for a 17" screen because rhinocam takes up a lot of real estate. any recommendations for my needs? have had good luck with dell, less with hp and lenovo.


All computer vendors make cheap computers and expensive computers, so model or family is more important than brand name. I recommend Thinkpad laptops because they are very reliable and almost indestructible:

You do not need laptop with 17" screen. You need smaller laptop with Dell U2718Q monitor (resolution: 3840x2160 pixels, diagonal size = 27inch = 68.47cm).

How’s your budget?

I’d try and search for something with upgradable up to 16GB ram for the future.

i’ll try to be clearer. i have a big screen at work, along with my 17" laptop there that has 16g of ram, with gforce GT 740m. i also have a 15 laptop at home and it is very crowded when using rhinocam, and that’s why i want a 17" at home without a second screen.

what i really want to know is what graphics card i need given my simpler needs, no rendering or other graphics heavy plugins. i am not designing for others, just using this for my own business where we make guitars. i spend way more time making things than designing things, so i am at nowhere near the level most of you are at in your design capabilities.

i hope that helps clarify the question.