Laptop purchase help

Hello all I am an novice Rhino user, mainly designing smaller things. I recently upgraded to Rhino 7 and need a new laptop. Are there any good laptops that can run this program under $1600? Thank you. I was considering this one.

Some things to keep in mind:

— Dale

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don’t search for gaming laptops, search for work stations

What is the reason for this advice? I’ve been using gaming laptops and desktops for a decade.


because gaming laptops have more powerful gpu than cpu and for cad modeling the opposite is better. I bought a gaming laptop too and now I regret it haha. I mean for a similar budget I could get a better workstation with more ram etc. at least that’s what I 've learned. (also. don’t buy acer predator).

my personal (not mcneel official) “designer to designer” recommendation is to look for an i7, or i9 processor, an nivida rtx card (geforce or quadro, I personally use quadros) with an much vram and cuda cores as you can afford.

16gb ram is good, 32 is better.

my personal rig is a watercooled i9, rtx quadro 5000 with 64 gb ram from titan computing.
it’s a monster and has handled every model I have ever thrown at it.

the rendering in rhino 7 is gpu enabled and as such, if rendering is important, you’ll want to spend more money on your gpu and save a little on your cpu.

a good friend told me once as I was starting my consultancy in the 90’s " as a digital artist, it’ll be important for you to never skimp on lawyers, accountants, or computers"

32 GB of RAM,
SSD drive
Fewer core CPUs (with High clock speeds per core)
Don’t get a 4k laptop screen . Not worth it.
A gaming Laptop is the way to Go.
A good GTX 1660Ti is more than sufficient.
You should be able to find something below $1600.

Don’t fall into the RGB trap like me. That didn’t make me more productive.

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Fewer cores does not always mean higher clock speeds.

Sorry . Corrected my description. Fewer cores with Higher clock speeds per core

Have to disagree here. More and more software are putting processes on the gpu too and RTX GeForce cuda cores numbers kill Quadro and for cheaper (although maybe less stable / accurate apparently but I’ve never noticed a difference). RTX GeForce 3090 has 10,500 cuda cores where the Quadro 5000 has just 3,070. (For instance current Houdini has almost all of its simulations running on gpu now). Also, gaming computers tend to have more cpu threads which are great for multi threading, gh2 is going in that direction. Either way, both are using the usual i7, i9, or threadrippers. I find you def get more bang for your buck with gaming computers if cost is an issue and at the current state of cpus even the ones with many cores have such a high clock speed on each core that if a software is just using one core it doesn’t really make a difference vs a low core cpu.

I mention RTX GeForce vs Quadro cuz gaming tends to use RTX GeForce while workstation tends to use Quadro.


nevermind then. I’m just outdated haha.


Nice setup. How does I5 10300H RTX 3050 16 GB DDR sound for laptop?

How does Pentium I5-10300H RTX 3050, 16 GB DDR 2666hz sound for laptop? What problems would I have using an I5 vs I7? Thank You

At this point in tech everything is at a pretty equal level and the factors really come down to how much money you want to spend and if you want an RBG light disco party :stuck_out_tongue:


Would def use i9 (or atleast i7) or AMD Threadrippers with RTX’s. Best to future proof. Even my laptop from 6 years ago has an i7. You spend more money buying cheap computers that get outdated fast vs spending more first and have it last long. I wouldn’t base the decision just on Rhino, most software are using many cores.


Michael. 2 computers I’m looking at. Acer Nitro I5-10300H, RTX 3050, 16 GB DDR4 2666mhz or

Lenovo Legion 5 AMD Ryzen 5 5600H (6 Core, 12 threads), RTX 3050 8 GB DDR4 3200Mhz

The latter being $150 more.

8GB RAM is no good anymore. At a minimum you should get 16GB. My Laptop has 32GB and my Desktop has 128GB. What is your price range, that will help understand the options.

Edit: I saw you said 1600

Well i’m looking to keep price below $1400. I thought the Acer Nitro would be decent, I could upgrade the I5 to I7 but that would bring price from $840 up to $1200. I know these laptops are nowhere near what most guys on hear use, but I am not making money right now from this, it is more of a hobby/passion. And I have a lot of learning to do.

Personally, my fav laptops right now are the MSI GE66 Raiders. We have a few and they really are just great machines, MSI hit a homerun on these ones.

They have them in the $1400 range with 16GB Ram and RTX 2070 (better performance than the RTX 3050) with i7 and a 500GB SSD (the another thing is using SSD instead of HDD will def improve performance).

The ones we have are a bit more expensive at around $1800 with 32GB Ram, RTX 2070 Super, better i7, and 1TB SSD.

Already suggested this one to a couple colleagues as well and they all are loving it. I also like that they don’t look too “gamerish”. Pretty minimal and thin looking machine once you turn off the RBG party.


lol what is the RBG party? Red Blue Green? What do you mean.