I can live with that.

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This is a public forum…

I guess I’ll have to write an extension to do that. :wink:

There’s only one proper editor and that is emacs ; )

Related to this topic:

With the recent move of the Grasshopper forums over here to Discourse, there seems to have been a rise in new threads/users that fail to ask effective questions. Or worse, more or less straight up wants us to do their work for them (sometimes thrice in a row) or to go Google their problem!

Considering how the old Grasshopper forum ended up, perhaps it would (at the very least) make sense to have new users read and confirm some sort of McNeel Discourse Code of Conduct before they are allowed to post?


Well, as long as there’s still people willing to do the work for them, why not try?

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There are also people willing to supply cracks. Seriously though: if one cannot see why this behaviour is a concern, perhaps its time to do some reflecting (spoilers: it leads to shitty discourse and a lesser community).

Somewhat OT, but -
This may be due to the fact that there is probably a larger “student” population on the GH forum, and the tendency to want to teach/learn GH without actually having to learn Rhino… I have seen teachers/tutors giving their students fairly complex GH project goals after only a cursory explanation of the concepts (like one class session) and no Rhino background required.


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totally agree. The majority of threads in the grasshopper forum were like this. I just wonder if people are overchallenged asking the right questions, or if its on purpose in order to get some work done?!
However most problems are also due to the fact that grasshopper has a much larger young audience, a bit inexperienced. Usually people start doing Grasshopper before truly understanding basics of CAD. I believe grasshopper tutorials, should also deal with that. F.e. there are tons of questions regarding lofting, just because most haven’t noticed the importance of clean base curves.

It might be a good idea to upgrade good Grasshopper question into another category -f.i. GH Expert, with the option to filter out the rest. Now you can only filter for a specific category which doesn’t solve the problem if you are interested in Grasshopper




Absolutely agree. The question I was trying to raise is what we might do (here on this forum) to facility such learning and how to best point new users in a productive direction (and thereby hopefully avoid cases such as the ones I linked to above). Being met with a page that basically goes something like this:

  1. Do you know how to ask effective questions?
  2. Do you know basic Grasshopper?
  3. Have you searched the old forum first?
  4. Have you searched this forum first?

Might be an approach to this problem. There’s obviously very little we can do about how students are being taught outside of this forum (except for those of us that do teach), but we certainly can try to affect a positive and constructive discourse from within our community. And yes, I am well aware that the old forum is horribly broken in terms of search etc. But those concerns are kinda besides the point here.



I see this often today, with Millennials wanting a “one-click” app or instantly be able to do “awesome” stuff, without bothering to read the manual, progress slowly but surely from one level to the next, everything having to work perfectly and preferably “yesterday”.

It’s the entitlement thing all over again, the lack of focus and patience.

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When time comes when they have to do it on their own they’re just gonna have to kick their own asses…

That’ll be the real starting point. They’ll come back with concrete questions or quit…

This might be doable through the tools here on Discourse. Have you noticed, when making a new topic, how there is a window with similar topics?
I wonder if this functionality, combined with category aware specific content, plus checking the number of posts or comments by the user in that particular category, could eventually be leveraged to display the list you wrote? Maybe some plugin already exists, and if not, we can check with Discourse devs to see how to do it.


Just wondering, did this ever get implemented?

Hi Anders - I don’t think it did, no. Am I getting on your nerves? :wink:
I think there is a lot on this over at

Such as:


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Haha, no no. But there has been a lot more, shall we say “noise”, lately :hear_no_evil:

Also, those are indeed good points made by codinghorror. Not sure I agree, but I do see his point.

Do we have the ability to block users? Not completely from the forum, just personally.

Go to the user page you want and change to muted or ignore: