No. sorry.

honesty in a good tempered understandable tone will harvest a far greater environment. specifically when you talk about communities as it has become here. ignorance is far to often bliss and will only lead to broken record repetitions of which we have plenty of. many people who join a forum enjoy not only the input but also the virtual gatherings, its a social issue in any matter since humans are social individuals.

you cant format somebody by force, moderation is the biggest successor of suppression and you all know where this leads to. what helps is only the understanding. i might agree that sometimes an out of bounce behaviour could be “pedagogically” counterbalanced, but this is a very delicate happening and if not done correct and individually sensible, it will only lead back to the broken record again.

i believe at this point the spotted thread has calmed well anyway, all participants are harmonizing strictly on topic, there is nothing to worry about other than the whereabouts of the initiator. and reading carefully through the thread i wondered how he made it this long at all, with all this aggressive tones, insults and cynical comments from unfortunately pretty backed up integrated people. if you look for a black sheep then have a look in the mirror first. just because 5 people say its wrong it does not make it wrong. just because 5 people say its right it does not make it…

sorry if this seems too esoteric, but its logical, at least for me.


isn’t the headline of that xNurbs-comment already cynical and provocative? This at least is what I felt about. So no wonder that this thread became like this…

Perhaps, but some seems not just towards xNurbs…

But anyhow it’s calm so I guess we can move on… I wanted try it out tho… wonder if the owner would come back…

sure he will, who is dismissing an already written plugin just because some people criticise it?! There are always people who don’t like or don’t need it and some already waiting for it.
That is same about other religious topics such as mobile phones, cars, operating systems etc…

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You mean editors? As in Vim is the greatest?


That’s spelled with a double-u. Thanks.


Some weeks ago I had to switch from VS to Notepad++ with Vim colour-scheme. At least I need Mouse input, so going down to VIM would have been much more risky.
After not using IDE’s anymore, my productivity went down, but my programming skills became much better. But I guess this is all because of the fancy colours, and not the fact off missing assistance functionality, such as autocomplete etc.
There might be an analogy to CAD-Modelling…? could be?

@TomTom “XNurbs releases a ground-breaking NURBS software” does not sound that bad, i can understand where the concerns naturally come from, still i dont think there is anything wrong with a confident advertising. to see and judge with our own eyes is far more important in my opinion.

if a strong title is reason enough to punish somebody trying to make a start, then i really feel sorry for Kevin from XNurbs, but thats how it is… there are always some kiddies with an overly high self esteem trying to prove themselves, we all do and regarding this point i also think and hope that you are right, that this shall not take him off from marketing his product further.

i understand that @Stratosfear wanted to make this an issue and also think that bringing this to the table is actually an important act, still its best how it is handled currently and plead for it to stay like that.

I use Visual Studio with VsVim (written in F#) extension. Awesome + awesome = awesome**infinity

uuim? vimeme?

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Many of us keep an eye on the forum and attempt to do our best at moderation only when things get out of hand. I wouldn’t consider the referenced thread as getting completely out of hand. Typically we try to split threads up when people go off topic, but this thread in particular is very hard to properly split up.

We try our best to keep interfering at a minimum. Even if I did interfere in this thread, I’m not sure what I would exactly need to do.


@stevebaer, you guys at McNeel are doing a very good job on this forum. Customer relations is excellent. No change on your side, can’t be better. :+1:

// Rolf


A dangerous thing to say :wink:

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“Very good enough” keeps you alive and customers happy. Wearing yourself out isn’t going to benefit anyone. :sweat_smile:

// Rolf

What happened to the option to block members? It’s a wonderful tool to deal with time wasters.

Preferences > Notifications > Users > Mute.

I thought there was an option to block everything a user posts.

Could you explain what you mean by that? Block so that nobody else can see it or block so that you don’t see a specific user’s posts? If the latter, that’s what that setting I pointed at should be doing. Or am I just assuming that?

The latter. All it currently does is block the notifications.

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Ideally I would like to block their posts and block them from seeing mine. That way I get some silence and I’m not contributing to the problem for everyone else.

It won’t make a lot of sense if a certain users posts are not visible in a thread while others are, especially if the other posts are responses to the user you blocked…